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Anik’s Advice on Writing Long or Short Emails

Should you write long or short emails? Well the short answer is it depends. It depends on your list, your relationship with your list and the niche.

Advice From Anik Singal

The biggest advice from Anik Singal is to mix it up. If you usually write long emails, throw in a short one here and there.

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Short Email

If you are sending people to a sales page that converts really well then write a short email with a link directing them to that page.

Short works better if the page converts really high because you don't have to do the usual preselling in your emails. A short email will be much more effective in this situation and you will get a much high click through rate.

Long Email

Long emails tend to have a lower click through rate. There are of course exceptions to this especially if it's something they are expecting to receive.

You usually get a higher click through rate on short e-mails and less on longer emails. However the revenue generated by the longer email might still be better than the short one. It all depends on what page you are sending them too.

When you write a long email you have an better opportunity to presell the product you are selling. You can tell them exactly what they will be purchasing and you set up expectation in their minds and get them excited. With the short email your message is pretty much click this link.


It all depends on the page you are sending them to whether the email you send should be short or long.

The other thing to keep in mind is to switch it up sometimes. If you are always sending long emails, try sending some short emails and see what the results are.

The same goes for if you are always sending short emails, mix it up and send some long ones. It is good to change things up once in a while and you tend to get a better response out of your email list that way.

Test It Out

test email marketingTest it out for yourself, if you have an offer that has a high converting video on it send short emails.

If you are selling something that cost a lot of money and you have to persuade the person more then you should write a long e-mail.

Remember you will get less click thru but the clicks you do receive will be more likely to result in a sale.

Remember that what works for someone might not work for you. It can also depend what niche you are in. The key is to test it out and follow the results. You can learn everything you need to know from Anik with his Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review.

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