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Anik Singal

Anik Singal has earned over $100 million in online digital sales and has trained over 250 000 students turn their passion into online business.

Updated: February 1, 2018

If you want to learn off of Anik click here. He will be permanently closing the doors to his program Inbox Blueprint soon and will focus only on his current members for the next year.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018

The doors to Inbox Blueprint are permanently closing soon. Watch the video below to learn more. Click here to check it out.

inbox closeout 2018anik inbox blueprint videoClick here to watch the video

This January 2018 is the last time Inbox Blueprint 2.0 will be available. It is a step-by-step course designed to teach prospective marketers how to make money and increase their reach through email marketing.

3 Keys to Success

If you want to accomplish anything you need training, coaching and tools. Inbox Blueprint gives you all 3 of them.

You get daily coaching as a student, all the training and every little piece laid out. You will have access to the launchpad software that will literally build out your business for you without have any technical skills.

Click here to join

Daily Q&A

Everyday they do questions & answers so you can get all your questions answered immediately.

The part that really sets this program apart from all the other available is the software that he specifically created to build your business for you. It’s called Launchpad

Launchpad Software Review

It has all the top niches and done for you resources built it for you. Each niche has template design, articles, written emails and chosen affiliate offers that are already done and integrated for you.

Anik invested $400 000 into it and it has everything you need and you can literally build your entire business by completing 6 steps that will only take you 20 minutes.

Step 1. Choose your niche

launchpad software review

  • one click from the list of over 50 available niches
  • name your funnel
  • select your opt-in page url

You don’t have to get a domain name, hosting or anything, they will host an unlimited about of businesses. Can host your own if you want to but you don’t need to.

Click here to join

Step 2. Integrated Autoresponder

integrated autoresponder

  • Sendlane free trial account offered with membership
  • fill in a few fields of information about your business
  • option to be automatically notified about your subscribers

Click here to join

Step 3. Affiliate Offer

affiliate offer

  • integrated completely with Clickbank so all you have to do is pick on from the list
  • build it saturation scores so you can see how many other members are promoting it
  • enter your Clickbank username

Click here to join

Step 4. Free Report

free report

  • if you already have one you can upload it with one click, and they have a professional e-book creator you can use
  • or they have already done for you reports you can create
  • need a minimum of 4 and you can pick them from inside the launchpad software
  • setup your autoresponder series by picking done for you resources

Click here to join

Step 5. Funnel Design

funnel design

  • fill in a couple fields with your information
  • then select the opt-in page you like
  • thousands of images built it or you can upload your own
  • send them to your affiliate offer by filling in 2 fields

Step 6. Preview and Edit

inbox blueprint 2.0 review 2018

  • You can see you offer and edit any part of your business
  • it’s all downloadable so you can see what it looks like if you would like

Now your free report, emails and opt-in page is done. You can see all the analytics about your campaign inside the dashboard.

Inside this software you can run your entire business and see all your date. You can even sync it up with Clickbank and see exactly how you are doing.

Click here to join

Launchpad Summary

  • over 50 niches to choose from
  • affiliate programs are fully integrated with Clickbank or add any affiliate offer you want
  • will build a beautiful one page website in seconds with zero tech, zero design, zero writing
  • will build a free PDF gift all using content you have rights to 100% unique no one else can have the same cover or image
  • will build out ebook cover
  • will build out all your emails, completely done
  • will build your entire business

If you want to start a business you need to be prepared to make an investment in yourself and in your business.

Click here to join

Anik Singal Products

You can learn from Anik inside Inbox Blueprint 2.0 and Lurn Insider. His other products that are no longer available are Future of Wealth, Profit Academy, List Academy.

Lurn Insider Review

Anik has been in the business for more then 13 years and has learned everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. He has sold over $100 000 000 worth of products online and is willing to teach you how he did it.

Lurn insider is designed so that anyone can do it. It doesn’t even matter if you have zero experience. Inside you will find a entry level course that will catch up to speed.

Each week Anik will have a live session where he teaches new things that he uses to grow his business so that you can too. Plus he is offering a ton of bonuses, monthly mini courses and on going support.

If you are looking to make money online Lurn Insider is the short cut that will get you there. Click here to check it out

Inbox Blueprint

Quick Facts

Official Website: https://inboxblueprint.com
Creator: Anik Singal
My Review: Inbox Blueprint Review
Recommended: Yes

Singal based the course off of his own brief bout with failure, in which he lost all of his wealth but was able to regain it through effective use of email.

Click here to check it out [Official Website]

get inbox blueprint 2.0Email is a choice marketing method for entrepreneurs with little start up capital. It allows you to target individual customers and track their purchases at low cost and on a global scale.

Singal goes beyond explaining the general benefits of email marketing, describing in detail how he used it to earn $10,000,000.

The course is specifically designed to help new entrepreneurs quickly master email marketing. It explains how to set up opt-in pages, accumulate an email list, and maintain a reputation among past and potential customers. These instructions allow you to set up a marketing list that will automatically earn you large sums of money each day. You should also check out my Inbox Blueprint bonus offer.

Singal’s Story

After rising to quick success in the online marketing industry, He has devoted his life to helping others make money online as he does. He is an entrepreneur and Internet marketer who founded a successful company while still an undergraduate.

His company, Affiliate Classroom, offered online marketing training courses to individuals and companies. Founded in 2005, and it was earning $1.5 million in publish academyannual revenues by 2007, having quickly expanded beyond the United States to offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Singal and his family had no prior experience in business. The future tycoon originally enrolled in college as a pre-med student, only changing his major once he realized he could make more money online.

Changing majors initially looked like a risky decision, engendering criticism from his family, but Singal’s rapid rise to success quickly demonstrated that he was meant to be a businessman.

Hardship To Success

Besides navigating the risks of startup marketing, Singal has also dealt medical risks, having suffered from a severe case of Crohn’s disease since age 12. He has had over nine surgeries, some of which were necessary to save his life.

Far from preventing him from achieving his dreams, however, Singal credits his condition with teaching him how to stand up to hardship and work diligently to achieve his goals. This lesson inspired him to fight against his illness, found a successful company, and work with other students to help them overcome their hardships and succeed.

Since the success of Affiliate Classroom, Singal has devoted himself to a wide range of personal, philanthropic, and professional projects, including:

  • Creating a fund to help University of Maryland students start their own businesses
  • Producing and starring in Lethal Commission, a tech-themed action film shot in India
  • Founding www.IwillFight.com, a website committed to helping others fight against and overcome their hardships

Launching Other People’s Products

Anik is so successful that other internet marketing millionaires are going to him to launch their new products. That’s a pretty deal, for example this August Mark Ling has a brand new product coming out called Learn Build Earn that he going to be behind he scenes of.

Future of Wealth

While Singal’s other products focus on valuable tips for running a successful business, Future of Wealth focuses on developing good thinking habits before you go into business.

future of wealthIt is based on the Law of Attraction, which states that you can achieve any goal you devote your mind to.

The greatest obstacle to success is likely your own inhibitions. Based on neurosciences and psychological research, Future of Wealth helps you to identify the barriers to clear thinking in your own mind.

By performing mind exercises for 20 minutes each day, you can improve critical thinking, envision your goals, and quickly identify the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

Profit Academy

profit academy reviewSingal designed Profit Academy (not longer available) to help prospective entrepreneurs profit off of their personal interests. Through weekly online workshops, a seven step guide, and detailed descriptions of how Singal built his own businesses, this course instills the skills for instant Internet success.

Profit Academy breaks down successful online marketing into manageable goals. It explains how to start a business and quickly make a profit, and then how to reinvest that profit and generate income over the next few weeks.

Through careful management, you can turn an idea into a healthy, lucrative business in only a few years an increase your net worth as much as you want. This product is currently closed but stay tuned for Profit Academy 2.0.

List Academy

List Academy is currently closed to new members but check out Anik’s newest and most up to date program Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

Previous Products

Singal’s most recent products build upon the successes of his previous business and marketing courses, which include:

  • IM Lobby helped entrepreneurs with any amount of experience create and operate automated marketing websites. It explained how to set up a site in only 10 minutes, let you choose a marketing niche, and offered training and resources on how to attract new customers to the site.
  • IM Target taught entrepreneurs how to set up multiple affiliate websites to attract new users. It provided over 5,000 keyword options, offered free domain names for new businesses, and taught search engine optimization strategies that let you adapt to search engines’ constantly changing policies.
  • Empire Formula was a training seminar explaining how to turn a single product into a successful online business. It gave users advice on selecting a first product, taught them the steps to earning $300,000 in sales, and then explained how to reinvest those $300,000 and make millions.
  • Affiliate Classroom was Singal’s original internet marketing product. It offered guidance and resources to help both new and experienced entrepreneurs build and expand successful online companies. Its resources included interviews with experts, ebooks, software, sales scripts, and a wide range of other marketing tools. It was great for teaching how to determine if an affiliate program was any good or not.


The Circle of Profit: How To Turn Your Passion Into $1 Million on Amazon

The Email Lifeline: How To Increase Your Email Marketing Profits by 300% Using This Strategy

Anik Singal Review

Anik’s Hometown Gaithersburg

Businessweek Best U.S. Entrepreneurs 25 and Under in 2008

Anik Singal Movie – Lethal Commissions

Singal’s Blog

Anik Singal Rants on youtube

Anik gave this talk at Tedx

the circle of profitAnik just released his new book and it’s available for free for a limited time.

It’s called “The Circle of Profit, Edition #2”, and it’s so much more than just a book.

  • It’s a step-by-step SYSTEM to turning your passion into predictable profits
  • It’s a culmination of 13 years of testing and perfecting Anik’s $100m online business model
  • It’s today’s fastest and most effective way to start getting sales and funds rolling in

Update: September 26, 2017 – Live Workshop: Copy Anik’s Secret Formula

During the live workshop Anik will be giving away his 3 step ad formula that you can copy and paste and use for yourself. He will also be showing the 4 best performing ads that he uses and showing you his live case studies.

Update:  September 20, 2017
Anik just released his brand new FREE course.

He is giving away his step by step formula that he has used to get over 500 000 email leads for FREE from Facebook.

You can copy the exact formula he uses to instantly sell any product or service using Tiny Facebook ads.

anik's free facebook ads bootcampThe bootcamp includes:

  • 8 Video Courses
  • 2 Virtual Workshops
  • Funnels and Case Studies
    • Steal his top ads and top funnels

Update:  Live Training – Lurn Virtual Summit

For a limited time you can learn from Anik  for only $1. This is a jam packed full 2 day online training session. Click here to learn more.

Not only will Anik one of my personal mentors be speaking but he has lined up some of the most successful millionaires in the business including Clickbank’s CEO (the largest digital marketplace in the world), Bob Proctor (author of The Secret), Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and more. Click here to learn more.

lurn summitUpdate: November 17, 2016 – [Live Training]

web class 3 thursday nov 17 2016

Update: November 15, 2016 – [Live Training]

How Anik Makes Over $1 348 987 A Year Through Multiple Streams of Income

web class 2 November 15, 2016

Update: November 11, 2016 – [Live Training]

It’s not everyday that Anik does Live Training, nevermind for FREE, infact he only does it a couple times of year. Then he dedicates all of his time to training his students.

I have personally earned thousands and thousands of dollars online from information and techniques that I have learned from Anik. So if you are serious about changing your life and enjoying the financial freedom that having an online business gives you make sure you sign up now.


Here is some of what you will learn during this Saturday’s Live Training (November 12, 2016)

free webinar

Update: November 3, 2016

For a limited time he is giving away his free mini report where he shows his exact 5 step method that he uses to make millions of dollars online using nothing but email.

5 step email marketing systemAnik is one of my personal mentors and I wouldn’t have the online business I do without what I have learned from him over the years.

This isn’t any hyped up stuff, I’m serious Anik has personally taught me things that have made me thousands and thousands of dollars online.

Update: Free Training – Thursday June 2, 2016

The $10 000 a Month Method Step by Step – Launching Your Internet Business in 60 minutes or less.

june 2 webinar

The FREE training session 1 will include:

june 2 2016 trainingA Live Demo

  • How to Build a $10 000 a Month Business in 60 Minutes or Less!

The 5 Step System

  • Simple & Proven System Used by Over 20 000 students!

Revolutionizing Software

  • Be The First to Experience a Software Anik invested $200 000 in Developing

He is running it at 4 different times so that everyone can get a chance to be there so save your seat.

Let Anik show you step by step, exactly what you need to do to be a successful online marketer. Easy to read, easy to digest – with materials, swipes files, videos, over the shoulder training, content engine with thousands of unique articles and SO much more.

Live Training Sessions With Anik

Update: Free Training by Singal – Monday May 2, 2016

==> 1 Secret To Create a Passive Income as High as $148,914 (closed)

Anik is going to show you a secret that real internet millionaires use that creates multiple income streams and 100% passive profits.

inbox live case studies

The FREE training session 3 will include:

e-mail marketing course4 Different Passive Income Streams

  • No experience necessary, anyone can set up this up

Secret Tool

  • This tool will makes the set up process super quick

5 Step System

  • The exact system you can use to scale your passive income to 4 or 5 figures a month.

Live Case Studies

  • Anik shares his live case studies

He is running it at 4 different times so that everyone can get a chance to be there so save your seat now.

Update: Free Training – Tuesday May 3, 2016

==> How Anik Makes Over $1,348,987 a Year (Step by Step) (closed)

Anik is going to give away his step by step instructions on how to start you own millionare dollar business with multiple sources of income.

The FREE training will include:

passive income4 Different Passive Income Streams

  • No experience necessary, anyone can set up this up

Software Demonstration (live)

  • This tool will makes the set up process super quick

5 Step System

  • Each income source is scalable to $10, 000 – $100 000 or even more a month.

He is running it at 4 different times so that everyone can get a chance to be there so save your seat now.

reserve seat

FREE Live Training Session

e-mail marketing trainingFree Training – Thursday May 5, 2016

The workshop will be an interactive case study that reveals step by step how he (Anik) earned $1.1 Million in 12 days by sending just 18 emails.

FREE Q&A Tonight

Update: May 9, 2016

Today at 4pm EST, you have the opportunity to speak with Anik and his team yourself through a live Q&A Mega Hangout. Ask any questions you may have and learn from the questions of other marketers and students.

Join the Q&A Here – closed

Last Chance to Learn From Anik

Since he wants to ensure all of his students succeed he only takes on a certain number each year.

Luckily for a limited time you have the opportunity to be one of his student but his program is only available until the end of this week.

Your FINAL opportunity to learn from Anik this year

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from an incredible successful and profitable digital marketer. This course has seen huge success with its students. You don’t want to miss out.

Doors close soon! Click here to learn from Anik.

The last time his system closed, it wasn’t available for an entire year. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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