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Kibo Eclipse Review 2022 | Plus Exclusive Bonus Offer

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have just announced that Kibo Eclipse will be the training program for 2022. The official open date is January 25, 2022. I will be updating my review as more information becomes available.

kibo eclipseLast year they released Kibo Code Quantum and it was a huge success.

But this time they are taking it to an entirely new level and are expecting Kibo Eclipse to be EVEN BIGGER. Here's why…

Kibo Eclipse Review

1. They have colossal numbers of success stories with Kibo members generating millions of dollars in sales from the 2021 training. Social proof and customer success stories for people from all walks of life.

They have spent close to a million dollars on perfecting the software and tools that Kibo Members receive in order to run this business model successfully. People are going to be blown away with what they have created.

The training will be entirely new. This isn't simply a reboot or relaunch. They have been working with thousands of students over the past number of months, perfecting the system and this new training will take into account everything we have learned.

But perhaps the most important thing of all is that the core theme for Kibo Eclipse is Total Domination.

In previous years they have focused on Google, Microsoft and Facebook. However, this year they are expanding our reach in terms of traffic sources and marketplaces.

Specifically…Walmart, Instagram, TikTok…and many more

The offer and product that we have this time round is fresh, new, like nothing people have seen before and the buzz is going to be huge.

I will have more information to add to my review and bonus as more information becomes available.