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Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton’s 7 Day Business Plan

Over the next 7 Days Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton are doing free training sessions and giving away the secrets to their most lucrative businesses. Matt Carter will also do some of the training. These are also the guys behind 100K Factory Revolution and Online Marketing Classroom and now they are offering to share their knowledge for me.

7 Day Business Training

According to Steve if you do a couple minutes of work for 6 days and then about a hour and half on the 7th day. During the workshop they give you all the information you need to build a real business. They talk about some ninja techniques for increasing says with private label selling.

They give away their straight forward recipe that you can repeat over and over with the same level of success. There are two different ecommerce models you can follow one is the aidan booth & steve clayton100k Factory model where you do drop shipping. The other model is the private label selling through Amazon.

Day 1: The Business Model

  • How to uncover how products
  • How to steal your competitions ideas
  • How to pick the right products

Day 2: Product Selection Secrets

day 2 product selection secretsAidan takes you inside his amazon seller account where he made $10 823 in two days during their slowest month.

Below is some of the criteria laid for product selection considerations:

  • More than $10
  • Competition reviews are under then 400 reviews
  • Small and light (less than 3 lbs)
  • Simple to use
  • You can learn more by watching their video.

Day 3: Destroying The Competition

matt carterIn today’s video Matt shares ninja differentiation tactics and positioning strategies to help you stay #1 in your niche.

Matts shows you how to beat big global brands on Amazon and how to outsmart other sellers. He will also reveal his secrets on how he convinces Amazon customers to buy from you.

Day 4: Supplier Secrets

ecommerce suppliersIn this video Matt Carter shares his supplier hacks and how you can get success on Amazon quickly.

You will even learn that you can get someone in China that is doing all the work for you.

You will learn the following in the video:

  • How to search through Alibaba with the exact search filters
  • How to see exactly what the best sellers are doing with an easy to use tool
  • How you can skip dealing with the middle man
  • How to hire an agent to do the work for you

100K Factory Revolution Review

Aidan and Steve’s latest product is about to be released. Make sure you check out my 100K Factory Revolution Bonus.


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