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Niche Profit Fast Track 2.0 Review and Bonus [NPFT]

Over the last 6 months or so Adam Short and his team have been working on some major upgrades to Niche Profit Fast Track. They are bringing them all together and plan to roll them out in early as Niche Profit Fast Track 2.0.

8 Week Training

It will be the recordings from a live 8 week training course where he teaches his passive profits formula from start to finish. He’s doing it with his previous members and beta testers.

Since he started NPFT 1.0 his members have asked such great questions from his community. It’s showed him where he can improve the existing training. He was able to see where the gaps were and where he could connect the dots better.

There is a lot of information that he wasn’t able to work into the original course that he wants to share.

Anyone joining 2.0 will have full access to all the recordings and won’t have to wait week by week for the training to be dripped out.

A new and better way to do market research and keyword research. A better and faster way to launch your niche websites. It’s an optimized version of the previous training.

They have been working on some really cool software tools over the last 6 months. These will save your time, money and streamline processes and ultimately help you get better results overall with this model.

When developing these tools he looks at where people are getting caught up when they are following this model.

1. Keyword Tool

The money word matrix tool has been much needed for along time. This tool will cut down the amount of time you have to spend finding the best keywords.

2. New WordPress Theme

He got a lot of requests to do a custom WordPress theme and has wanted to do one for himself for a long time. He has wanted to do a theme for himself for a long time because none of the themes out there even the best ones have everything he wants or they have all kinds of extras he doesn’t want.

All the extra features that he doesn’t need slows down his website. The heavier the theme the slower your site and that’s not good for search engine rankings. So he decided to make his own theme for himself and Fast Track members.

He created something that was really streamlined, light weight and fast so his sites perform well that have everything he needs without installing a bunch of plugins because they can slow down your site. It’s the theme he will be using for all of this sites going forward.

3. Premium Niche Database

Adam has held off building this in the past because of how much work is involved but for 2.0 he decided it was worth it. Only the best niches make it into this database. They are building it constantly and have been building it for the past 6 months. Their ultimate goal is to have a couple hundreds niches by 2021.

it’s not just a list of niches, you have in-depth market research so you can see market size, competition, durability, keyword research and trends. Comes with built in filters so it’s searchable.

The purpose is to eliminate the need to go out and do niche research instead you go into the database and pick one. The niches won’t get diluted because he is going to keep the number of members able to access them small.

This is better than the niche packs in 1.0 where members got a set of 12 niche businesses. This is more valuable because there are a lot more niches and there are many benefits to having access to a range of niches.

4. Premium Writers Database

This is another area where there was a slow down for member of 1.0 because it involved going out and finding a great writer to produce the level of content that is needed for the sites to perform well in the search engines. It can be really tough to go out and find that writer.

Sometimes you have to go through a number of people and sometimes you spend money to get back articles you can’t use. It can be quite the process sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard.

The database removes all of the risk because Adam and his team have pulled back all the best writers that they have been able to find from various job boards around the web. They have vetted them very carefully and pulled them into this database of excellent writers. They are up to about 300 writers at this point.