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Parallel Profits Review and Bonus 2019

Parallel Profits was only available from January  29, 2019 until February 7, 2019 and is no permanently closed.  The Kibo Code is Available Now

This isn't like anything else I have seen and here's what it doesn't involve:

the-kibo-codeDon't miss this opportunity to work with Aidan and Steve personally, I bought this and I think you should at least give it a shot.

The Kibo Code Review and Bonus

In January 2020 Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton will open the doors to their new training program that teaches people how to make money through ecommerce. You can read The Kibo Code review and bonus by Aidan booth page here.

There will be several months of live training sessions where they will walk you through step by step on what you have to do to create a profitable ecommerce business. You will be able to ask them all the questions you have along the way.

Parallel Profits is a 3 step business model that you can replicate that has:

  • HUGE demand
  • LOW competition
  • MASSIVE profit margins
  • Has nothing to do with eCommerce, affiliate marketing, or any other of the “usual suspects”…
parallel profits video

I bought Parallel Profits

The only training program they currently have open is Online Marketing Classroom which I highly recommend and you can click here to learn more.

I just bought it! The first thing you should know about Parallel Profits is that it's the first time it's been released so no one has had access to it because the training is rolled out live week by week.

Watch out for reviews from people who claim to know everything about the program. It just became available on January 28, 2019 and I bought it because I trust anything Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton put out 100% and I think you should too.

parallel profits training area

parallel profits membership areaWhat is Parallel Profits?

Developed by hugely successful entrepreneurs Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, Parallel Profits teaches you one of the fastest ways to make a full time income from home. You only need as few as 7 sales to generate a six figure per year business.

parallel profits review 2019You may know Aidan and Steve from 7 Figure Cycle and 100K Factory, where they have helped thousands of people to launch or grow their own ecommerce businesses.

Some are making hundreds of thousands of dollars with some even becoming millionaires.

Their training is highly sought after, as they usually only run one program a year. So make sure you’ve opted in to my list so you can be the first to know when this opportunity is open to the public.

Parallel Profits Business Model

This business model allows you to sell simple services to local businesses but there are three twists that make this business model different from anything out there now:

1. Team Up With Aidan & Steve

join aidan and steve's teamYou will be asked to work with Aidan and Clayton’s team if you follow their training, as part of a franchise.

This means so much less work for you. You don’t need to create a brand, no domain or website needed, no copy writing or marketing materials needed.

Everything will be set up and ready to go for you to dominate your territory and start making sales right away.

2. Use Their Resources

small business resources for your clientYou will have a full team ready to do all the work for you as soon as you secure local businesses as clients.

This means you don’t need to outsource any of your services or even do a lot of work yourself.

You can start getting clients and making money without any experience or expertise.

3. No Face to Face Interactions

You won’t even need to have face to face interactions with your customers or do any selling, thanks to a unique client capture system, with a variety of proven built-in lead generating systems.

Quick Online Business Success

quick online business successBecause of these three twists that make Parallel Profits so unique.

There are virtually no roadblocks or challenges that prevent people from building profitable and successful businesses online.

This business model is highly scalable and will considerably increase your ability for success and to make a lot of money working from home.

Full Training Included

If you’re like me, you like to be able to do all of this on your own as well as having a team. I like to know how things work, how I can do it myself.

One of the many things that’s great about Aidan and Steve’s program is that they offer full training on their business model so you can do it all yourself if you want.

Aidan and Steve's History

aidan booth steve clayton parallel profits 2019You don't want to miss out on this profitable business model because Aidan and Steve have a history of only letting in a select number of marketers into their program.

Once it’s full, it’s gone for an entire year, or possibly forever.

Get the jump start on this business model by being the first to learn and dominate your territory, and of course be the first to earn the most profits.

Parallel Profits Bonus

parallel profits bonusBonus #1 – Secret Mastermind (Value $2997)

Advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas and strategies.

Bonus #2 – Parallel Profits Live (Value $4997)

Aidan and Steve's online live event with guest speakers and inner-circle secrets.

Bonus #3 – 7 Figure Scaling Secrets (Value $2997)

Exclusive video series revealing how to scale your business

Free Book Giveaway – Limited Time Offer

free book parallel profits 2019Free Book: The 3-Step Blueprint for Building a Business that Makes $100 000/year in profits with just 7 sales or less…

… And how they are going to be doing all the “Grunt-Work” for you – leaving you free to focus on making more sales in order to scale up from $100k to 300k and beyond.


live workshop jan 28

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