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Hello and welcome to my Keyword Advantage review. If you are just looking for some quick facts you can read them below. If you are looking for a more in depth review just keep on reading.

Keyword Advantage Quick Facts

Launch Date: July 9, 2014

Official Website: Click Here

What is it: Keyword Research Software

Main Benefit: Finding buyer keywords you can actually rank for

Bonus Offer: Yes

How much: $47 (limited time launch special)

Easy Of Use: 5 Out of 5 Stars (3 step process both experienced and newbie friendly)

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Video Demo

keyword advantage review video

 Keyword Advantage Bonus

If you buy this piece of software through this link → get Keyword Advantage now. Or any other link on this page then you can get my exclusive bonus offer.

4 Exclusive Bonus Offers

I am giving away some of my best kept secrets on this one and all of my friends are calling me crazy for doing it. But I like doing things that other people aren’t doing.

I will show you step by step how to rank YouTube videos, give you 3 unique articles on your topic (100% unique), show you how to get some of the most powerful links of the web and an ebook that will teach you how to write articles properly. You can read full details here –> Keyword Advantage Bonus.

keyword advantage review

Easy 3 Step Process

Step 1. Data Mining

Quickly grab the search volume and CPC (cost per click) for each keyword in Google

Step 2. Analyze

Now that the data is imported, you can run a competition analyses and get a final color-coded rating for all the keywords.

It will find you keywords with decent search volume but low competition. It will also find keywords that have real buyer intent (ie actual buyers are typing in those keywords in the search engines).

Hint: If a keyword has a high CPC, it means it attracts buyers, not time wasters.

Step 3. Final Rating

Once it has the search volume and APR data, it can determine the final rating.

The simple color-coding system tells you exactly which keywords to target and which to avoid. This tool is clean, simple and easy to use.

10 Features Of KWA

  1. Pull keyword data directly from Google Keyword Planner
  2. Search multiple keywords at once
  3. Calculate keyword competitiveness
  4. View color coded results based on revolutionary MoneyWord Matrix
  5. Filter keyword lists
  6. Save keyword data to projects
  7. Identify profitable niche markets
  8. Import keyword lists
  9. Export project data to Excel
  10. Continual upgrades and on-going product support

keyword advantage review quick summarySound like a piece of software you could use? Click here to go to the official Keyword Advantage website.

Myths Busted

This guide should dispel many of the internet myths about keyword research and help you immensely in getting search engine traffic.

Below we’ve outlined the essence of keyword research. After reading this guide you will know more about keywords and how to choose them than 99.9% of marketers out there.

Let’s begin with an explanation of how to properly analyze the value of a keyword. Overall keyword value is determined by looking at a keyword from three distinct angles:

keyword advantage distinct angles1. Keyword Demand (KD)

How many people are searching for the keyword each month?

2. Keyword Competition (KC)

How hard is it to rank in the top 10 Google results for the keyword?

3. Keyword Buyer Propensity (KBP)

How likely is someone to buy something after typing that keyword into Google?

These three criteria tell us everything we need to know about whether we should be targeting a given keyword, or avoiding it.

Most keyword tools out there do not assess keywords from all three angles, which is a huge pitfall.

Click Here To Check Keyword Advantage Out

At worst, they do not bring back all of the information you need.

At best, they bring much of the information back, but don’t display it to the user in a friendly and efficient way (you must wade through multiple screens and push multiple buttons to get the data you want).

The software pulls back all of this necessary information in one click and displays it on one screen, making keyword research faster and more effective.

See Keyword Advantage In Action

keyword advantage software in action

Click This Link Or The Play Button Above To Watch The Video

There are various metrics we use to find KC, KP, and KBP.

Keyword Advantage uses the most trusted metrics out there to calculate these values.

keyword advantage review calculatesThey are as follows:

  • Monthly Searches (KD)
  • Average PR (KC)
  • CPC (KPB)

Monthly Searches tells you the Keyword Demand. Average PageRank gives you the Keyword Competition and CPC offers you information on the Keyword Buyer Propensity.

These metrics are highly trusted among the SEO community, but only if they are pulled from the right place.

This is a 2nd area where it stands apart from it’s competition. Not only do we analyze a keyword from all three key angles using the best metrics available, but we also only pull our data from the most trusted source – Google.

This is why you can be sure that keyword analysis is the best analysis you can do.

The following is a breakdown and explanation of each of the columns of data included and how to interpret that data.

 Easy User Interface

When you run a keyword list through the tool, it will pull back data for that list of keywords and display it within each column.

keyword advantage review columns

Below is more information on each column of data:

KW – Keyword

This is the keyword you are analyzing.

SV – Search Volume

Google’s calculation of the number of times a given keyword was queried in their search engine over the last month.

APR – Average PageRank

The average PageRank of the top 10 sites listed within Google’s organic results.

FR – Final Rating

This is the final rating for a given keyword and the most important piece of information displayed in the tool.

The final rating is calculated by combining APR Rating with some proprietary calculations.

CPC – Cost Per Click

cost per click adwordsThe average cost per click for this keyword in Google’s Adwords program.

This metric is a good indicator of “buyer propensity.” The higher the average CPC, the more money advertisers are willing to spend to get clicks for that keyword.

This means that the customers they are attempting to acquire using that keyword must be high value customers.

Note: CPC is not factored into the final “Rating” for a keyword.

We’ve included it to give you additional insight into the “buyer propensity” of a keyword. It’s especially helpful in analyzing keywords that are more ambiguous (namely, keywords that are “yellow” or “light yellow”; see “Keyword Advantage Color Coding Guide” for more detail).

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TRT- Total Ranking Traffic

An estimate of the number of unique visitors per month you will receive with a #1 Google ranking for your keyword. It’s generally known that if you obtain a #1 ranking in the Google organic results for a given keyword, you can expect to see between 35% and 45% of the overall traffic for that given keyword.

So if a keyword gets 10,000 searches per month according to the Google Keyword Tool, you can expect to see 3,500 to 4,000 visitors per month to your website if you obtain a #1 ranking in Google for that keyword. In this example, 3,500 or 4,000 would be displayed in the TRT column of Keyword Advantage.

We include this to give you an idea of how much traffic you can expect to receive for your SEO efforts.

Note: TRT is not factored into the final “Rating” for a keyword. It’s included to give you an idea of how much traffic you can expect for a given keyword.

Click Here To Get Keyword Advantage

Money Word Matrix

Adam Short and his team have come up with the following chart is used to determine the overall value of a given keyword.

The software uses this matrix below to analyze keywords, and calculates the results into a final score (represented by our color coding scale: See the PDF document included in this download called: “Keyword Advantage Color Coding Guide”)

The matrix focuses heavily on how competitive a keyword is. Competition plays a huge role in search engine optimization and those who find the least competitive keywords possess a major advantage. Most keyword tools analyze competition on a somewhat superficial level.

This tool goes far beyond this traditional analysis and looks at a very important factor (Average PageRank) and uses this data to calculate a final analysis.

This allows you a level of insight into keyword competition that you won’t find anywhere else with any other keyword software out there.

We’ve included the matrix below along with a brief explanation of how it is used:

keyword advantage money word matrix

Average Page Rank Matrix

The Average PageRank Matrix looks at search volume vs. average PageRank in Google to score keywords. To calculate average PageRank, Keyword Advantage finds the top ten results in Google for a keyword, pulls back the PageRank of each of those pages, and then takes an overall average.

This tells you how difficult it will be to “leap frog” those competing sites and get your website listed in the top 10 of Google for that particular keyword.

Click Here To Get Keyword Advantage

Final Results

This piece of software uses the results from this matrix to calculate a final keyword score of Jackpot or Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor. This final score is also represented by the color coding system (again, see “Keyword Advantage Color Coding Guide” for more detail).

Keyword Advantage Testimonials

Multiple pages, 1-3 of Google

“KA had absolutely helped me. I started about 7 months ago. KA has helped me get 3 websites ranked on the first page of Google within 6 months. The most recent site was launched just 5 weeks ago.”

Multiple page 1 of Google

“While I was incapacitated, nothing happened with my website. Then, I started get AdSense revenue. At first, it wasn’t much, but then over a few months, it built up to a consistent $110/month. I believe this was all due to KA helping me select the optimum keywords for my site. And it enabled me to do so with relative ease.”

Traffic comes from 3rd party high ranking websites

“Keyword Advantage is simply the best way to find words and phrases that will make money. I use it nearly every. As a result I have several Page #1 Google rankings in highly competitive niches. Quick and easy to use, Keyword Advantage is an indispensable tool in my success.”

“I use KA it every time I create a page or post. Right now I have two sites that are ranked #1 and #4 respectively and I feel that the Keyword Tool is one of the major reasons my sites have done so well. Oh, and my sites also receive offers from a number of independent affiliate programs asking me to join their programs as a result of my visibility.”

“I never thought it would be so easy to rank in the top ten of Google Search Engine but it is. By using the Keyword Advantage Tool, I was able to have 3 websites rank in the top ten in less than 3 weeks. I have used a couple other tools that didn’t work as well. I will never use any other tool unless it was developed by Adam and his team at NPC. Thanks for helping make my dreams come TRUE Adam”

Pages 2 -15 in Google

“I have created one website and it was up in the top rankings of Google in a little over a week. I started making income in just a couple days later. I was amazed that it worked and can’t wait to move forward in 2014 to making some serious money online thanks to Adam and his tools!”

Page 1 in Google

“The Keyword Advantage tool has helped me find some problem-based low competition keywords to build small niche sites around. I have been able to find keywords that have over 1,000 searches per month that aren’t too difficult to rank for, including in the weight loss niche which is a very tough niche to break into. If it wasn’t for Keyword Advantage, I probably wouldn’t have found these low competition keywords.”

Multiple page 1 of Google

“I love the Keyword Advantage tool… it helps me focus on the best keywords for my blog which helps people to lower blood pressure naturally… including a specific brand name heart/blood pressure remedy. I am ranking on page one for big name products in niche!” 



Click here if you are looking for my Keyword Advantage review. Here is how the color coding system of Keyword Advantage applies to the overall keyword ranking.

Color Codes

Dark Green — Jackpot or Excellent (Go!)

Light Green – Good (Proceed!)

keyword advantage color coding guide

Yellow – Fair or “Borderline-
Good” (Proceed with Caution)

Light Yellow – Fair (Proceed with Extreme Caution)

Red – Poor (Do Not Proceed)

Using this color code system:

Dark Green and Light Green: Ultimately, you want to target Dark Green and Light Green keywords first.

These are your Moneywords. Once you have exhausted your list of Dark Green and Light Green keywords, you should take a closer look at your Yellow keywords.

skeptical-yellow-keywords-babyYellow: If a keyword is yellow, it means “proceed with caution” but it does not mean “do not proceed.”

It means you should manually inspect all of the data for that particular keyword and decide whether or not to move forward.

Yellow keywords display both positive and negative qualities, but sometimes the positive will outweigh the negative. This is why they are worth looking at manually.

Keyword Advantage Color Coding Guide Yellow: Light yellow keywords mean “Proceed with Extreme Caution.” These are keywords that warrant a closer look.

Red: Red keywords do not display any of the signs of a positive keyword and should be completely avoided.

General guidelines in applying this system:

Generally, you want to see at least 15-20 Moneywords (Dark Green or Light Green) for your niche. If your niche is full of yellow and red words, but has less than 15-20 Moneywords, in most cases you are better off pursuing another niche.

In terms of your approach, you should target all of your MoneyWords first. Only after you have exhausted those keywords should you begin to manually inspect your Yellow and Light Yellow keywords.

We hope these guidelines help you make informed decisions about which keywords you should target. Keyword Advantage can be purchase as a stand alone product or it also comes with a membership of Niche Profit Classroom.


In an effort to expand their incomes, work from home, or get out of the 9-5 rat race, many people have looked to the internet as a means to provide a solid income.
Adam ShortThere are many different ebooks, software and programs out there meant to help in that endeavor.  The one I want to introduce you to today is Niche Profit Classroom.

The Niche Profit Classroom (NPC) is a program and methodology for making money online from what are called “Niche” sites; or smaller sites designed to capitalize on a small well defined segment of a market.

Special Bonus Offer

But first if you are here looking for a bonus offer then click here to go to a special bonus offer page.

The NPC program was started by a guy named Adam Short over 3 years ago, and they have been improving the program and tools ever since the initial NPC program began.

Even if you have no internet experience at all NPC claims that it can help you get started making money online quickly and easily.  The core training promises to show you all the following:

  • How to effectively research good niche markets
  • How to analyze your competition in these niches
  • How to either find a good product to promote or even create your own product from scratch
  • How to build traffic to your sites
  • How to maximize the profitability of your sites

In addition to the learning, NPC will also set you up with hosting for your websites, a niche website builder, weekly online seminars and a monthly package giving you everything you need to set up a site in 2 different niches.

Niche Profit Classroom Core Training

niche profit classroom core trainingThe first area you should explore once inside NPC is the classroom area which contains all of the core training videos.

Adam Short has created modules of videos to teach you how to begin as a niche affiliate marketer.  Each module consists of several videos and explores one area of niche marketing in depth.

The videos are well made with crystal clear audio and great video.  You can tell by the way in which these videos flow that they were professionally produced with plenty of forethought; not just thrown together in an effort to get something online.  The videos definitely deliver great value.

Click Here To Get Niche Profit Classroom

Niche Profit Classroom Tools

In addition to the core lesson videos, NPC also comes with a host of software tools, each designed to make your job as an affiliate marketer easier.  Here is a list and short description of the tools you would have access to as a member of NPC:

Keyword Advantage:

  • This is an easy to use tool that will find money keywords in whatever niche you are in. You will instantly be able to see which keywords to go after and which ones to stay away from.This is a great tool for find great keywords that get a lot of traffic but also have low competition at the same time. Check out this article: Keyword Advantage Color Coding to see how easy it is.

Related Article: Keyword Advantage Review

The Market Profiler:

  • This tool allows you to dig into an online market and find out what others are doing to make money in each market.  It allows you to probe deeper with questions and eventually gives your niche a rating from excellent to poor.

Moneyword Keyword Tool:

  • One of the keys to finding good niche markets is keyword research, and the Moneyword Keyword Tool gives you a way to unlock the potential in any market.  It allows you to enter keyword lists and then goes out to determine the amount of competition and how strong each competing site is.  Once that is done it will give you a score to let you compare how easy or difficult each niche might be.

Niche Profit Press:

  • This is the backend tool that gets your hosting account set up for automatic creation of niche site after niche site.  You’ll be creating lots of sites, and the Niche Profit Press was designed to save you loads of time in this process.

15 Minute Sales Letter & 15 Minute Newsletter:

  • These are two tools that provide you with a quick and easy way to create both sales letters to use as landing pages and newsletters to help you convert your leads into sales.

Give Niche Profit Classroom A Go For Only $1

Niche Profit Classroom Pros and Cons

npc pros and consPros of NPC

  • It provides everything you need to succeed in making money online.
  • It will continually provide you with new niche site ideas and ways to improve your profitability
  • All of the techniques presented can be used in any niche online.
  • It allows you to go from idea to fully realized site all in one package.  This is a big improvement over using multiple tools to research niches, research keywords, create content, market your site and improve your sales funnel.  NPC gives you the tools to do all these and more in one place.

Cons of NPC

  • If you are new to internet marketing there is a lot of information to digest and this could overwhelm some people.
  • NPC isn’t a magic solution, YOU still have to do the work if you want to be successful.  There are no free lunches here.

Overall I believe the pros far outweigh the cons, especially for those just getting started with internet marketing.  Niche Profit Classroom will give you all the tools and support you need to create a money making website. Once you get the first site up and running, NPC’s method will allow you to replicate your initial success over and over again.

sites pulling in moneyYou may not be able to create 1 single site pulling in thousands of dollars a month, but with the NPC system you won’t have to worry.

You can create hundreds of sites pulling in a hundred dollars a month instead, not only increasing your bottom line with each new site.

While also diversifying your empire and making your cash flow less vulnerable to future changes online. I hope my Niche Profit Classroom review has been helpful.

Keyword Advantage Review

Adam Short has decided to release his NPC software for the very first time. This is great for those of you that are just looking for a killer keyword research software. You can read my Keyword Advantage review here.

Niche Profit Classroom Member’s Only Webinar

Are you suffering from OVERWHELM, trying to keep up with all of the new marketing tools and strategies?

NPC Exlcusive WebinarYesterday Adam Short announced the NPC Exclusive Webinar he is hosting this Wednesday May 7th at 7pm EDT 4pm PDT on Outsourcing, while maintaining a shoestring budget.

On the live training we’re going to cure your overwhelm for good and help you hit your financial goals in record time!

Did you know to grow your business rapidly you can use skilled people from around the world (they cost as little as $1.80 an hour) to…

  • Research profitable markets
  • Create Websites that bring you income
  • Generate Traffic for you
  • Fulfill Orders and Provide Customer Support
  • You can literally start outsourcing on any budget…

No scratch that YOU MUST if you want to succeed online.

That fact is, Outsourcing is of the most important skills you can learn. It will allow you to potentially have success with any online income stream you want to add to your business.

The secrets we’ll reveal on the call will be the key to you making a LOT OF MONEY and having a lot MORE free time to spend on doing the things you love, faster than you ever imagined.

Sign up now and you’ll be shown exactly what to do.

The webinar will be happening this WEDNESDAY, May 7th at exactly:

4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST

Here’s how to get in on this incredible one-time event: (Sorry now closed)

register now1. Register for the webinar right now.

2. Mark your calendar for this Wednesday at 4:00 pm PST/7:00 pm EST.

He fully expects this webinar to be at capacity as he is extending this invitation to the entire Niche Profit Classroom membership base.

So make sure to show up AT LEAST 10 minutes early to secure one of the open lines.

Register now and I’ll see you at the event this Wednesday.

P.S. There will be a LIVE Q&A at the end so be sure to bring a pen and paper you will want to take lots of notes!

P.P.S They are giving you a Exclusive Special Report to go with the training which we will send you as soon as you sign up!

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If you have come across any Commission Blueprint review, you must have heard about its popularity. The main reason why the product is popular could be because of the many positive reviews it has received from the consumers.

make money onlineHaving previously being on the market, it is no longer for sale but is now part of the Internet Marketing Advantage (IMA) program that also involves SEM Business Blueprint and Niche Blueprint.

There are many guides to choose from if you do not already have one. However, you may still want to check out other guides that have a high success rate despite being satisfied with the one you currently use. A good example is the IMA which covers a wide area in online marketing.

The Good Stuff

Perhaps one of the best things about the IMA is its simplicity. The fact that the program offers material for you to learn from makes it interesting and easy to learn.

You can take a pick from the 200 training videos of great quality, or from the training manuals that have at least 50 step by step instructions.

Organized Training Videos

training videosIt is also conveniently separated into different sections that talk about the different areas of online marketing.

This makes it easy for you to pick out the content that you need quickly and effortlessly, and covers the following areas:

1.  How to use Google Adwords and other advertising alternatives to make money.

2.  How to get your website at the top of Google’s search results to make more money.

3.  How to make some cash by coming up with a list of target subscribers in order to sell the products to them.

4.  How to make money by selling products belonging to other people.

5.  How to make more money by writing articles and distributing them.

6.  How to earn a living by creating your own information product and selling it.

7.  How to use Facebook and other high traffic social media websites to make money.

8.  How t use the internet as an online store to sell physical goods that others will ship for you.

9.  How to sell your knowledge of the internet to business and make money.

Extra Tools Included

internet marketing toolsYou cannot fail to recognize the efficacy of the set of tools that IMA provides at no cost. Not only are they convenient, but they also work interdependently with the money making techniques illustrated in the training material. They include:

1.   Site Blueprint to help with building unique websites
2.   Hippo Jaw to help with tracking ad campaigns
3.   A keyword Blueprint to assist you in finding profitable keywords
4.   Ad Optimizer to enable you get more clicks on your ads
5.   Offer Evaluator that will make it easy to find high converting products
6.   Ad Spy to get you ads that will do well on a plate

Among other tools that you will get is traffic generating instruments such as Link Blueprint, Article Blueprint and Blog Blueprint. Other surprises in store for you are three other tools that will get more visitors to your website at no cost, eliminate any advertising costs and earn you good money.

community supportYou can sit back and enjoy the package knowing you have access to a functioning support staff at the support desk to help you with any queries or concerns. They are the best at what they do and are bound to make smooth sailing all the way for you.

The Bad Stuff

The IMA may be in of the best internet marketing programs, but it would be naïve to assume it has its own downsides. It is ironic to realize that the very materials that make this package great are also responsible for one of its shortfalls.

Some people have expressed how confusing it can be to settle one on area with so many options on offer ranging from affiliate marketing to ecommerce. Alternatively, you can choose to create your own product of you find the available options too overwhelming.

After all is said and done however, IMA still remains to be one of the best e-marketing training packages in the market. This is definitely the program that you need to develop an online marketing company that will be successful in no time.

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If you buy this piece of software through this link → get Keyword Advantage now. Or any other link on this page then you can get my exclusive bonus offer. If you are looking for more information go here –> Keyword Advantage Review.

Keyword Advantage Bonus Offer #1

I will give you my personal YouTube Ranking secrets. This is the exact formula I use every time to rank all of my videos.

It isn’t as complicated as you might think but it’s about doing all the little things right.

And maybe a couple big things too, but you don’t have to worry because unlike the guru’s I will spill the beans on everything.

Bonus Offer #2

I will give you 3 articles that are over 450 words each on the keyword or topic of your choice. These articles will be good quality and 100% unique with copyscape. The main purpose to use for back linking purposes only.

I do not recommend using these articles on your money websites because you should be using only the highest quality on your money site. These are perfect for articles marketing, Web 2.0s, blog networks, etc.

Bonus Offer #3

I will show you how you can get some of the most powerful links of the web. If you are doing any back linking at all then you have probably got links for these sources before.

BUT I will show you how you can easily supercharge them and siphon of the links juice from PR 7 and higher websites. I have never shared these secrets before and all of my friends think I am crazy for letting this secret out.

Bonus Offer #4

I will give you a copy of the ebook Copy Writing Secrets. Copy writing is an essential skill for anyone who has a website. It will teach you how to write your articles properly, or if you outsource how you can teach your staff to write for you.

Watch Video Demo

keyword advantage review video

Click Here To Get Keyword Advantage

How To Get The Bonus

All that you have to do is order Keyword Advantage through the link below or any other on this page. Then simply send an email to bonus [@] bestonlineaffiliates.com with your receipt number. Make sure you include Keyword Advantage Bonus in the subject line of your email so it doesn’t get deleted in the junk mail folder.

If you already know what keywords you would like your articles to be on then you can send them to. Or if you want to wait until you find some killer keywords with the software that is cool too.

Click Here To Get Keyword Advantage